Welcome to Coastal Connect’s

Preferred Vender Program

Why your business?

  • Your reputation in the community shows that our core missions align well as locally run businesses.
  • Your expertise in your field is well perceived in your neighborhood based on local reviews, interviews, or personal experiences.
  • Your stellar customer service record has been noticed and is similar to the type of reputation we strive to achieve!

Perks of the Partnership!

  • Free marketing exposure on our website. We provide you with a profile listing as a preferred vendor in our local directory.
  • New clientele prospects sent your way as we network with thousands of renters during the busy seasons.
  • Become a local preferred vendor for community events by giving back to raise awareness on local issues and show customer appreciation.
  • Premium partners are featured on our marketing materials placed in every rental prior to every check-in.

Get Started Now…

  1. Sign up as a local preferred vendor.
  2. Create your business profile.
  3. Let us send you new business!